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CMS Options

To maintain the content of your website "up to date" after it has being launched it is advisable to have a suitable Content Management System in place.
This content can be news stories, prices or special offers in your online shop etc. generaly all websites small or large need content to be added or modified on a regular basis.

At Agri-Trade have some 2 options available to manage this:

1: Our Unique CMS
Our customizable CMS can be added to a clients project and tailored to allow our clients simply "login" and update or change any portion of content on their site. This allows the user to change any content at any time with no web programming technical knowledge. Our CMS system is quick and easy to use.

2: We can manage your content
If indeed you want us to regularly update your sites content we can provide this service. Our cle=ient can send us updates at the required interval and we can then add or update this content on the site. Some SME's may find this service usefull as it allows them outsource this portion and thus may be more cost effective





Our Solutions

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