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Turnkey Solutions

Our Turnkey Solution is where we can provide our complete range of services and take the clients website from concept phase through to a finished product. We will consult at regular intervals with the client to ensure the website is developing inline with their requirments.

We will discuss the clients requirments and get a good indept understanding of their website requirments. We can then search for relevant domains, feed back search results and then arrange for the registration of the clients selected domain(s). After this we progress through the various development stages of graphic design and back end coding. Throughout the process we will provide consultation on various options available which can be integrated, such as "google ads", analytics tools and various other tools which can be integrated in the design.

We also can analyse competititor websites and integrate search engine optimization techniques which will help get your site seen before your compititors. Depending on the content management and E-Commerce (if it is indeed an E-commerce website) options you selected we can integrate these into the design. After a testing phase we will then release the fully tested site live.

We can then regularly review the sites performance and advise the client on options available to better improve the sites performance with further SEO and online marketing through online social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube etc.

In short we will develope the optium site for your needs but then you are not alone! We then can advise and provide consutation on further marketing and promotion of the site.


Our Solutions

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